Formed in the early days of 2011 in a back city alley when a meteorite crashed in a blaze of glory cracking open and unleashing a force of crazerbeam armed microscopic killer robots leading to a cataclismic chain of events the likes of which the world has never seen. The likes of which may, in fact, end the world. Unknowningly, three blocks away in a completely unrelated note, four guys found themselves in a basement holding strange foreign devices in their hands. What were these devices? Were they tools of hope? Were they creations of shear wonderment? Or were they the very mechanisms that would lead to their guaranteed destruction? Honestly, probably none of these, but only time will tell. With these four men a band formed.
Calling Cody started it's venture by playing hard, fast rock n' roll filled with crazy antics and yelling. Lots and lots of yelling. But time reared its ugly head in and showed that left to their own devices, these four were not meant to be. One had to return to the jet powered aeroplane in the sky and thus the tumultouos days of Calling Cody began. They wandered aimlessly through the deserts and valley until one day the clouds parted and high up top a mountain stood a figure. When met, the figure said but one thing. "SCHMMMMOOOOOUUUSSSSE!!!!"
And thus Calling Cody was renewed and whole again. Flying out over the horizon spouting groovy jazz blues rock tunes on an endeavor worthy of infamy. Valerie ElectricRadBolt, Eric Day, Austin Sweazy, and Nick "bullets" Miller. May they fulfill their quest to destroy the dolphins that fly high above in space with their lazerbeam dreams.
Calling Cody are the non-award winning creative minds behind the non-masterpieces Greatest Hits: Volume 2 and The ElectricRadBolt EP. Currently they are machinating their next non-anticipated release.

Valerie ElectricRadBolt


In a land, over run with domestic cats.. a leader was born in the ranks of rock and roll. They knew her only by the name of ElectricRadBolt (and sometimes Rodrigo, but generally only on Tuesdays). She ate kitties for breakfast, she ate kitties for lunch, and most nights twice for dinner. She ate kitties in her cereal and kitties helped her poop. The consistency of her feline diet produced the most lubricated vocal chords known to earth and all surrounding planets.. and so she joined forces with these dudes and together... Cody has been Called.

Eric Day


Eric is a multi-instrumentalist and confirmed crazy person. He has been in several bands over the years with Calling Cody being his longest tenure. In his free time he stays occupied with various coding projects or writing for one of his numerous solo projects such as Monsoon Prime and Space Dragon.

Austin Sweazy


After a brief stint with a cover band known only to friends under the name Shiddy Rock, Sweazy wanted more from his bumps and blips. Overcoming being a bassist, he sought only the finest of musicians and alcoholics to fulfill his musical shortcomings. Swuzcramitypants found his home with three mad hombres and decided on the name of Calling Cody. Devoting himself to the whole note, he mastered the art of the E string and the E note, occasionally, maybe, an A major 7th minored. Thus, his musical journey began with being unplugged once again....

Nick "Bullets" Miller


Nick "Asked His Friends and Family to Call Him Bullets" Miller loves to play the drums, but for most of his life he didn't even know it. Throughout his first forays into music, whether a weak attempt to play bass ("Strings are dumb" he decided) or singing just once ("Never ever again" his friends decided), Bullets knew that he loved music but didn't at all know how he could add value to rock. So, Bullets toiled away on various musical endeavors, allowing his voice to fade into the chorus and never feeling fulfilled. Never, that is, until one glorious day when Rock Band, that wonderful vidya game, was released. It was then that Bullets finally found his true calling: Hitting things with sticks. After mastering his craft (Rock Band) a vision came to Bullets.

"Why don't you just buy real drums?" The vision implored.

"Yeah" Bullets thought "Why not, why shouldn't I???"

And so he bought those drums, and by God he also signed up for lessons. From this moment on, Bullets would forever annoy any person near him who might try to talk while he had sticks in his hand and drums at his feet. Soon, Bullets lessons turned into jam sessions, and his jam sessions into joining bands, and joined bands into getting kicked out of joined bands, because Bullets sucked at drumming. But Bullets persevered. And so it passed that Bullets drummed and Bullets drammed and Bullets hit, bled, kicked and yelled until one day after many years Bullets was not so terrible anymore. It was on this day that Bullets called together some people in a basement, where they would glance furtively at one another, then at their instruments, and finally back at one another once again. Eventually this evolved into what is now Calling Cody, that mightiest of bands.

Today, Nick "Seriously guys, I think Bullets is catching on" Miller lives in Omaha Nebraska with his beautiful fiance, Alyssa, where he drinks only the finest of brandy's, breeds only the purest bred of papillons, and rides through the night on his mechanical horse made entirely of drums.

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